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Reply Duncan
10:27 AM on December 5, 2013 

Hey, my name's Duncan and I manage and write for SlamDunk! Studios. As of September 2013, I've decided to suspend all new posts. The site will now act as a portfolio of articles and essays written between 2009 and 2013, rather than an ongoing feed.


Fear not, however, as I've started a new blog, for a new chapter in my life, and you can check it out here:


I just wanted to thank everyone for their support and readership over the years, and to wish everyone success in their future online projects. Thanks! :)

Reply Alex Balderas
5:52 AM on April 14, 2013 

Jesus, I posted everything but the website's name and address.

Nintendo Enthusiast,

The sister site is, you can contact us through either one.

Reply Alex Balderas
5:50 AM on April 14, 2013 

Hey man,

I was browsing some old IGN Wii Lobby thread, and found a great post where you linked to this website, and then I read your article on the history of video games. Mad props, you're a great writer. You might not remember me from there (I go by juegosmajicos), but I did notice your posts back then and the fact that you haven't posted in a while.

Anyway, you might remember someone else, as he was a veteran of the Wii Lobby and posted very frequently -- Menashe. Well, Menashe and a few of us started a website about a year and a half ago, after getting tired of the Wii Lobby forums, and it has come quite a way since then. We've also had its sister site, Gaming Enthusiast, running for a while.

If you are still interested in writing about videogames, we'd love to have you there, even feature you on the front page with an editorial or some feature article. At the very least, I think you'd like our forums, specifically the Wii U ones. As it turns out, we've attracted quite a few of the Wii Lobby veterans that had also gotten tired of IGN. You can contact me or Menashe there through the sites' e-mails, listed in the "Contact Us" page, or through the forums themselves.

At any rate, good luck with your writing, which I repeat is very good.

Reply Cinema Gates Pictures
5:39 PM on November 15, 2010 

Great Website,


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Reply gus
4:56 AM on June 8, 2010 

Pro site :)

Reply Duncan
11:12 PM on May 4, 2010 

Wow, hang on! I haven't played Reflex for over 2 weeks (that's when I went back to uni). Either it's a glitch, or the points I racked up have been delayed getting to the other side of the world, or you've got another Duncan on you friends roster. What's your friend tag again Rick?

As for your post with Wade, I agree (with one ommission) that there is no difference in tone, between Avatar, Star Trek (2009) or Armageddon, but to be honest, I wasn't particularly blown away by any of those films. Avatar had so many irriatating factors, but it redeemed itself through striking visuals and a brilliant final set-piece. The point is, though, Wade was critical of those three films as well, so you can't really fault him for inconsistency.

A New Hope on the other hand, I adore. The music alone flattens Avatar, not to mention the world of Star Wars feels much more authentic, much more lived in and fleshed-out, than Cameron and Abram's pixel-fests. More to the point though, I wouldn't really classify Star Wars as a sci-fi in the first place. It's a fantasy, in the vein of Joseph Campbell's "The Heroes Journey," combined with elements of samurai culture. The technology in the films are purely incidental.

P.S. I do have a Forum, if you'd like to sign up to the site. :roll:

Reply Rick K.
6:42 PM on May 4, 2010 

I was up at 3:50 this AM, watching your score go up but not seeing you as Online in my Friend List. I'm bumming. You were at xx3181 when I started and got well up into the 3200's by the time I had to quit to get my son off to school (6:30AM local time).

I took Wade to task for his answer to my FB post about Director's Cuts but sent it to him first for approval. I very much like him and did not want to appear too harsh in public. AS usual, my answer was much too long but i believe in nuance. The gist is that there's no difference in sci-fi entertainment value between Avatar (just saw it last weekend at an IMAX 3D midnight show here in town and wanted to hate it due to the political aspects, but didn't), Armageddon, Star Trek and A New Hope so why describe Armageddon as "blows"? You're a thoughtful movie reviewer, you tell me where I'm wrong.

Reply Duncan
11:26 PM on May 3, 2010 

Hey Rick! How are ya? Yeah, I'm at University most of the time these days, and while I have internet access in my room, it's the login kind, so the WiFi USB is useless. Therefore, I can only play online games, like MWR, when I bring my Wii home for holidays, and sometimes weekends. The reason you might have missed me is because I live in Australia, so I'd be playing at about 4am, wherever you are. I still haven't got tired of it though, it's such an additive little game, and the first online FPS I've experienced (apart from a little Counter-Strike, back in the day). I've noticed I've got a little better since January, averaging about 20 kills a match now. The lv.55 is now in sight :wink:. I doubt I'll try Prestege out, I've got too many other great titles backed-up. What about you?

I haven't contributed much to site lately, as I've been busy with uni assignments, but I've drafted a few new reviews and articles that should be up soon, so stay tuned :D.

Reply Rick K.
1:36 PM on May 3, 2010 

Hey, Duncan! I can see your score rising in MW:R, especially this Monday AM (Pacific Time, L.A. area), Friday and Wednesday of last week (although I'm sure there were other days recently, too) but I can't see you as being online even though I can watch your score rise between my matches. Are you region locked?

To raise your kill and win ratios stick to the light machine guns and find strategic spots where your teammates will spawn. These are set pieces and not meant to run around with (in case you have a moral objection to camping) and spawning teammates will help give you protection at your lower levels. Also, for less experienced teammates it will be less disorienting if they know quickly where they are spawning, with your help.

See you soon!

Reply Duncan
9:25 PM on March 15, 2010 

Thanks a bunch Tori! :)

Reply Tori Sloane
3:50 AM on March 15, 2010 

Impressed with how deeply you delved into your subject matter. Really excellent work. Congrats on launching and I'm looking fwd to more!!!

Reply Duncan
3:17 AM on February 21, 2010 

Hey Rick, thanks a lot mate! So far, yeah, eveything on the site was written by me, but I'm hoping for lots of user contributions in the future.

Reply Rick K.
7:18 PM on February 20, 2010 

Love it! Did you write the short stories?

The commentary on Bozon's MW: R review was right on. Too bad I didn't know Duncan had a site going on, I used all my energy discussing this at Island Gamer's IGN blog in response to his article about the general drop in quality of the IGN Wii channel (and especially the reviews) since Matt got promoted away from the Wii channel. Bozon's review was a perfect example. Absolutely lame.

Keep up the good work!

Reply Danny
2:15 AM on February 5, 2010 

Awesome website, dude!:cool: