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The Wii Horizon (VG article)

Posted on September 30, 2010 at 9:45 AM

Now that we’re in the homestretch of 2010, a sad thought occurs to me. There is very little to get excited about on the horizon for the Wii. Apart from the new Donkey Kong and Zelda (which do look brilliant), I'm kinda apathetic to every upcoming Wii title. Epic Mickey could be good, but the E3 demonstration was pretty dull. The 2D section looked fun, but the 3D sections were very unimpressive. I guess nothing is ever going to live up to that incredible concept art we first saw. I thought the original Conduit was rubbish, so the sequel is gonna need some stellar reviews for me to even consider renting it. Same goes for Sonic Colours. I couldn't care less about that shameless cash-grab known as GoldenEye. Every video I see is a bunch of Activision spokespeople telling us how a remake of a 15 year old game is gonna blow us away. Having played and loved WaW and MWR, I know Black Ops will be great, but I'll probably just buy that for the PS3. I don't care about Mario Sports Mix (or whatever it's called), and while Kirby's Epic yarn looks gorgeous, it's not really my cup of tea (probably give it a rent). Also, what’s the deal with the Wii Motion Plus. With the exception Wii Sports Resort and few third party titles, it seems to have been all but abandoned. Very disappointing.


On the flip-side though, DK in the hands of Retro is like a dream come true, and I've adored Zelda since first playing Ocarina of Time. 2010 has been such a stellar year for the system, but 2011 has very little on offer at the moment. I just hope some exciting new titles are announced at the next Gamescom or E3. Can anyone think of any other games that have slipped my mind?

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