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Tomorrow, When the War Began: Radio Interview (short story)

Posted on June 15, 2009 at 12:50 AM

You’re listening to 45.7 Kiwi FM. Breaking News today, Australia has been invaded. I repeat: the Commonwealth of Australia has been invaded by an unidentified enemy. The invasion took place a week a go, on Australia’s annual Commemoration Day when communication between Australia and the rest of the world ceased all at once. Today a meeting of the United Nations took place and it has been confirmed, that the Commonwealth of Australia has been invaded by outside armed forces. We have on the line with us Ellie Linton, an Australian teenager who, along with some of her friends, has avoided capture.

First off, Ellie, what is the current situation in the Wirrawee district?

Well, the enemy has captured most of the town’s folk and officials from the Commem Day celebrations. We’ve found out they’re using the show grounds as an operations base and have secured most of the town, as well as the docks. They are now searching the country for rebel survivors. We’ve searched for survivors but found few; we’ve taken some supplies and set up camp at Mount Martin. We’ve also managed to blow up the bridge leading out of Wirrawee – we figured it would slow down the enemy until reinforcements arrived.



Wow! You kids have been busy. You’ll be pleased to know that the United Nations is onto it and the yanks should be there in a couple of days. For now, New Zealand is ready to help out.

That’s great; I was wondering what was taking you guys so long.



Well it’s kind of complicated. It’s America’s fault really, they say they don’t want to get involved in other nations’ conflicts.

They were keen enough to go to Vietnam, and Korea, and Iraq. Besides they are our allies, aren’t they?



Well yeah, I know, don’t worry though, most nations are on your side, you’ve got more friends than you think.

Thanks mate. So is there any more news on the enemy, it would be nice to know exactly who we’re fighting.


To tell you the truth we don’t actually know who has invaded, or why. Intelligence tells us that it could be a South Asian minority, but reports are still delicate, we were hoping maybe you could give us some insight.

Well, no, sorry we couldn’t tell you. We can’t recognize their language, and we haven’t gotten close enough to distinguish their nationality.



Well, as long as you’re safe, that’s the important thing. Who else survived the invasion?

Well myself, and my friend Corrie were up in the mountains with a few friends when they invaded. Me, Corrie, and her boyfriend, my neighbour Homer, and our friends Robyn, Lee and Fiona survived the invasion. We found Chris Lang at his house in Wirrawee afterwards. I figured everyone else is being held captive at the show grounds, or dead.



That’s awful. The attack was sudden though, and well planned, no one outside Australia had any idea something like this could happen. Did you guys see anything suspicious before the invasion?

Well, the politicians on the telly seemed to be getting pretty aggravated about something; I guess I regret ignoring it now. Also, we noticed huge squadrons on fighter jets moving through the mountains before Commem day; and when we got back our dogs were dead, everyone was missing, the power was down, and all the radio stations were off air. Once we received a fax from Corrie’s dad telling us that something strange was going on we knew an attack on Australia had begun.



And what did you do when you found out you were in danger?

Well first we checked out our homes, and once we found all our parents gone we traveled to Wirrawee. We found the town in chaos – houses smashed, shops looted, and enemy soldiers everywhere. We managed to avoid capture, despite more than a few close calls, and even found a few survivors among the wreckage. But after this we figured the safest thing we could do was go back into hiding. So we packed up some things and headed back into the mountains.


And where did you go from there?

Well we stayed in hiding for a while – we figured that the U.N. would have the situation under control – but we just couldn’t sit around and do nothing. So we decided to organize an attack on the enemy. As I mentioned before we managed to use a petrol tanker to blow up the great Wirrawee Bridge, hopefully cutting off access to enemy reinforcements.


Well you’ve certainly done your fair share of work in bringing down this faceless enemy that is threatening the Commonwealth of Australia and its allies. I’ve just been informed that we’re almost out of time so I’d like to say on behalf of New Zealand good luck Ellie, and keep safe, help is on the way.

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