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Dark Daze (poem)

Posted on April 19, 2011 at 2:05 AM

I remember the grey ships colliding

Over the shoulder of jagged ridges

Tongues of flame dripping over mountain tops

Webs of light painting the frantic skies


Echoes of life passing long into the abyss

Only a vacuous horizon approaches now

Consuming all of my craft

Sneering with such shocking cruelty


A dark, passionless thought

Punctuated once by voices of ecstasy

Voices of sorrow, voices of triumph and pain

Now a cold, crude nothingness, stretched eternal


It’s still silence curdles the blood

A glistening body of colour and movement

Freed now of memory and feeling

A deepening void that is one’s own eyes


The regret and mourning surged infinite

But now I feel nothing

The long, slow fall out of love

A loathing canopy dappling my isolation


These wicked wreaths spin mercilessly

Consuming a lifetime of meaning and knowledge

Spiders, oppressive and unflinching

Dine on my misery, choking till the last bite


My face carved of expression

My hands bound by remorse

A simple dream of friendship

Now bleeds eternal in my mind.

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