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Shooter Showdown: GoldenEye 007 v Metroid Prime (VG article)

Posted on October 15, 2010 at 9:45 AM

That's a tricky one. Obviously GoldenEye 007 is the more influential game, as it created many of the conventions of modern day first-person shooters, and practically revolutionised the genre, but being a 12 year old game, it holds up nowhere near as well as Metroid Prime does. GoldenEye has a brilliant multiplayer and an engaging, challenging single-payer experience (certainly longer than contemporary incarnations like Modern Warfare). Unfortunately, as FPS's are the dominant genre these days, it pales in comparison (in terms of visuals, controls and considering its generic plot, it lacks generational reach). Whereas Metroid Prime, despite being overtaken in the graphics and gameplay department, is still one of the most unique and atmospheric gaming experiences in history. It rises above the technology of the day (like Ocarina of Time), as a truly great sci-fi story. What's also impressive is how unique, detailed and interconnected all of the environments are. Most shooters are divided into levels, while Metroid prides itself on creating a single alien world for the player to explore. Metroid Prime is especially significant for how unique each room in the game is, making exploration and backtracking much more appealing. So, my vote goes to Metroid Prime. Both games are excellent of course and a must for gamers interested in the history of the genre. The Half-Life series acts as something of medium between the two games, employing modern weaponry and objective based missions, but in a single unbroken environment with platoforming and a sci-fi narrative.

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