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What's the Best Internet Browser? (tech article)

Posted on March 11, 2010 at 6:05 AM

Having used Internet Explorer since the first time I went online, I instinctively find it the most familiar and accessible. However, last week I made the switch to the infinitely faster Mozilla Firefox. I managed to customize it as close to IE as possible; pages loaded in a flash, and even downloads and videos seemed quicker, so I was happy. However, it quickly became apparent that if I had too many tabs or windows open at once, the whole browser would crash, which was especially frusterating when writing e-mail. Apparently, Firefox hogs a lot of resources as well, and causes overheating if used at length.Does anyone have any other browser recommendations? What do you use? Safari and Chrome are okay I guess (though not as quick as Firefox), but I'm not too keen on the interfaces, or having all of my search history catalogued by Google.

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