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The Descent of American Cinema... (film article)

Posted on July 28, 2009 at 6:30 AM

After almost 80 years the American public has turned against legitimate cinema in favour of Michael Bay's latest celluloid abomination -- Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. I've seen my fair share of theatrical excretions before, but I cannot recall a film so incomprehensible, so poorly acted, so cringingly unfunny, so mind-numbingly long, so blantantly racist, homophobic and xenophobic, so openly fascist and anti-humanitarian, so irrational and illogical in it's execution... that has been so lovingly received by the public...


This is so far beyond the usual blockbuster crap Hollywood is pumping out every year, it literally farts in the face of America's last great art form (not Jazz, but movies), that I fear the end... Some were shocked that Bay felt it necessary to destroy the last of the World's Seven Ancient Wonders, but I'm sure the Director's Cut will include the burning of the UN Declaration of Human Rights and no one will bat an eye-lid.

The great tragedy is that this kind of trash has been set as the template for financial success in Hollywood. But beyond being simply a putrid excuse for visual storytelling the film is jaw-droppingly offensive... and yet the masses have lapped it up and ensured dozens more deafeningly loud, disgustingly obnoxious pixel-fests for the decade to come. Whatever credibility Nolan and Abrams brought back to the summer blockbuster, Bay has brought it down in one foul swoop with this lowest common denominator film-making. I’d say it’s time for another resurgence of independent film, like we saw in the early 90s with Tarantino, but it seems like even Indie flicks of late have become constrained by the corporate branding (see: Juno). God, I need a drink!

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