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Dragon Battle (short story)

Posted on February 13, 2009 at 10:05 PM

  “April, 2nd, 1886,” wrote Connya Sinton to his diary. “I am running low on food and supplies, and I fear the dragon, Fortron, is drawing nearer. My allies have all been killed by either obstacle or animal – I am the last one left,” he paused, stood up off the rock he was sitting on and smelled the air – it smelt musty all of a sudden. He looked around, suddenly the tunnel in front seemed to rumble and then a thick silvery mist sizzled out of it. Connya hesitated and then smelt the air. It smelt like gas and blood mixed together. Then he looked down the tunnel and gasped …

  There lay the reason he had started this journey – the Mystical Mountain of Gold. On top stood the Mystical Fire Globe that will grant one of any wish. He dropped to the ground and started writing again, “I have done it, I have reached the end of Dragon Chamber and I have found the Mystical Fire Globe without coming across Fortron—”

  “RRROOOOOAAAAAAARRRRR!!!!!!” Connya stopped writing, his heart skipped a beat. He was afraid to look up, but he did, and all he saw was a pair of evil, red eyes. Then a streak of yellow light flashed and his body was filled with pain so hot that he could feel his skin melting – then everything went black …



  “—and so Hercules draw his mighty sword and hacked off the neck of the great dragons neck. Then he swung his sword again and drove it towards the dragons heart, but just before Hercules had hit the beast, the place where his head had been started swirling. Then not one, but two new, strong heads grew back. They snapped at Hercules, blowing fire at him as they—”

  “Ms Durley,” interrupted Danny Sinton while teacher, Ms Durley, was reading about dragons in a big book called ‘Greek and Roman Myths and Legends!’

  “Yes Mr Sinton?” asked Ms Durley, eyeing him over the top of her thinnest glasses.

  “I was just wandering, dragons are really cool and all, but are they real?” his classmates behind him sniggered. He turned around and grinned at them, then turned back to look at the teacher.

  “Danny your 11 years old and in year 5, get it into your head - there are no dragons and there never was!” she replied. And the whole class burst out laughing, even Danny had a smile on his face. Ever since they had started doing work on mythical creatures (which had started this week) Danny had been fascinated with dragons. He had tried looking them up in the school library, but they didn't seem to have anything under Dragons, Mythical creatures or even Legends at all. Maybe he could check out some dragon books after school at the library.

  “then Hercules jumped back as the fourteen headed dragon swung at—” (Danny had just realized he'd missed out half the story thinking about dragons) “—his head forcing Hercules back into the cave as the fourteen headed …” The teachers voice was drowned out of Danny's head by his daydreaming about fighting a dragon.



  That afternoon after school Danny rode home, got dressed, and then rode to the library quicker than his mum could ask, “Good day?”

  At the library, after about six tries, Danny finally found a section on dragons. It was in a dark, dusty corner in the small library. Danny’s eyes moved across the nearly empty shelves and found the letter … ‘X’. He knelt down by the books under the letter X, of which there were only three. Danny pulled them all out at once and looked down in shock at the gruesome pictures of people being slaughtered by man-eating dragons. Danny wasn’t so sure he wanted to start so high in the adult science-fiction category yet. Oh well too late now.

  “Dragons and Mortals,” Danny read the first book out loud. He looked at the second – “Death by Savage Animals!” The picture on this was more disgusting than the last. In fact so disgusting that Danny nearly vomited. He quickly covered it with the third and final book … which had no pictures on it. Danny just noticed that all it had was some small handwritten writing on it. It said:

  "Should not be read by anyone 17 or under. Thank you."

  Danny hesitated, but hadn't come this far for nothing, and opened the book. Almost immediately he threw his head back in horror as he looked down at the picture of the gruesome dragon blowing fire at the screaming man on a wooden cross. He looked back at the book and turned the page to the contents:

  Dragons, Creatures of Hell... Unroyal Torture... Encounter of the Doom Creature...

  Danny read the headings in his head as his eyes scrolled down the page of contents. They were all pretty gruesome titles. In fact the only title that was even close to readable was – ‘Legend of Fortron’ – which was page 418. After convincing himself that it was either this or nothing, he turned to page 418.



  Okay, thought Danny, here goes nothing, and looked down at the text on the page:

  “The Legend of Fortron

  Fortron stands for undefeated animal. Fortron is a dragon with everlasting life, it has not been defeated. Warriors in Australia went to battle this creature back in the 19th century, for it is said that the victor is to have a mountain of gold and one wish granted.”

  Danny read this sentence again and then again –Warriors in Australia … the victor is to have mountain of gold and one wish granted …

  Australia, a mountain of gold, one wish granted. That would be the life, but what were the chances of a mountain of gold anywhere near Geelong. Never the less Danny read on …

  “Fortron lives in a cave in Australia, in the state of Victoria, (things looked hopeful) in a city called,”

  Danny crossed his fingers, closed his eyes and turned the page. He slowly opened his eyes to reveal what city this dragon lived in. It was … “Geelong”

  “YEEEESSSSS!!!” Danny couldn't help it.

  “Shhhhhhhhh!” said the person up the other end.

  “Sorry,” replied Danny and read on:

  “—in the bush, in a place now called the Brisbane Ranges.”

  The Brisbane Ranges, Danny had been there before. He checked his watch, 4:56pm, if he went now on his bike he could probably make it by 6:30pm. Not thinking about anything but dragons he dropped the books and made his way out of the library to his bike. He was not stopping for anything. He jumped on his bike and started pedaling.



  An hour and a half later Danny pedaled up the road towards the Brisbane Ranges. Puffing and panting Danny rolled towards a wooden bench, he pushed the brake and his bike stopped, slowly tipping over onto the seat. Danny lay there for a while, sweat dripping down his face. Then, he stood up and looked at the trees.

  “Okay,” he panted. “I've made it, now all I have to do is find this dragon cave and battle Fortron, well, here goes nothing.” And he walked into the bush.



  The cold night air cooled Danny’s hot, sweaty face as he walked into the cool, green atmosphere. For what seemed like hours Danny walked and walked; constantly checking his watch – 6:52, 6:55, 6:56, 7:01, 7:01 …

  He had lost the path about a mile back and knew he was nearing the heart of the bush. “What was he doing here,” he thought to himself and glanced down at his watch [for the millionth time]. Great, now he would have to spend the night here, and even if he did have the energy to make his way back home, he didn't even know which way to go. He sat down on a log leaning against a small, rocky mountain that Danny was sure he’d seen before. Danny had a problem, a big problem – he was lost in the bush, at night, without any food or water. The only company he had was a swarm of mosquitoes, which kept biting him every second. And top it all off, everyone thought he was at the library. Yep, Danny had a problem. Then, just when things looked bad, and Danny was just about to cry something, something hit him on the head.

  “Ouch!!!” Danny looked up and saw a small opening in the mountain. Some rocks must have fallen out of it. Danny quickly looked up again – a hole in the mountain, a cave, a ... dragon's cave.



  As quick as a flash Danny was scrambling up the mountainside, scraping his knees as he went. By the time Danny had reached the top, there was blood dripping down his legs, but Danny didn't care. He quickly got to his feet and looked up. Danny started walking; he turned a corner and gasped. There lay, killed by arrows, a skeleton, skin hanging off it. Danny stepped back. It wasn't too late to turn back, and then he remembered: yes, it was. He stared at the skeleton, no doubt killed by that old trap where arrows come out of the walls when you step out in front of it. Wondering if it still worked, Danny picked up a rock and threw it at the skeleton ... nothing happened ... all safe. Danny jogged through the trap and up a dark tunnel.

  Finally, Danny reached the other side where some more skeletons lay, killed by [judging by the skeleton of the animals] dingoes. Shaking his head in disgust Danny broke into a run, passing skeletons in traps and on the ground. He came to a skeleton that was holding something. Something that looked burnt – a diary. Danny walked over to the skeleton on the rock and took the diary in two fingers.



  He opened up the scorched diary – a perfect sign that dragons had been there. Danny started flicking through the pages until he got to the last page. He read it:

  “April, 2nd, 1886. I think I am getting closer. I am running low on food and supplies and I fear the dragon Fortron is drawing nearer. My allies all have been killed by either obstacles or animals – I am the last one left.”

  Danny stopped reading and smelled the air. It smelled musty. It had never smelled like this before. Oh well. He read on:

  “I have done it. I have reached—”

  “Ssssssss!” Danny's eyes popped over the top of the diary and saw a silvery mist sizzle out of the tunnel ahead. Danny smelled it. “Yuk!” he heard himself saying. It smelled sort of like gas, gas and blood, or something like that. He walked over to the tunnel, looked down, and gasped in amazement. There it was, The Mystical Mountain of Gold.

  Danny started looking up and then he saw a golden hand that was holding a clear glass ball with colorful flames whizzing around inside it. Danny, quick as a flash, started running towards the mountain, but then stopped and looked down at the diary again and read the last page:

  “I have done it, I have reached the end of the Dragon Chamber and I have found the Sacred Mystical Mountain of Gold without coming across Fortron.”

  If that was the last sentence that that man wrote – Danny thought, taking a step back – before he was burnt – he took another step back – right before he got to the gold. Danny walked back up, this was a trap. He closed the diary to see whose name was on the cover. He gasped, on the front cover was the word Fortron. Under the name was a picture with the meaning of Fortron on it – Undefeated Animal. That wasn't what caught Danny's eye. It was the name on it which said Connya Sinton. Connya Sinton, that must be [judging by the date] his great grandfather. This was amazing! No wonder his Dad had never talked about his grandfather before. Suddenly Danny was filled with anger.

  “You may have killed my great granddad, but you won't get me! Come out and fight you great beast!!!”



  Then suddenly there was a mighty roar. Danny was ready. He pulled a sword from Connya's knapsack just as the dragon leapt out of the clearing.

  “DIE!!!” Danny screamed at the dragon, and remembering Hercules, drove the sword toward a bare patch of skin where there were no scales.

  “Rhhhaaaa!!!” roared the dragon blowing fire at Danny. It just missed Danny and he pushed the sword into the dragon's body wrenching it into the heart. The dragon roared in pain, fell backwards onto the ground creating an avalanche of rocks. Danny ran past the dragon on the ground an up the mountain of gold. He could hear Fortron being killed by rocks falling on top of him.

  Finally Danny reached the top; he picked up the fire globe and shouted, “With the power of the Sacred Mystical Fire Globe I wish to be at home with my body healed of bleeding!”

  Suddenly a voice boomed out at Danny, “You have destroyed the dragon Fortron, who was never before defeated – your wish is granted.”

  Then slowly an array of dazzling colors started swirling around him as he went spinning into a trance.

  As quickly as he had started spinning he stopped. The colors vanished and he was standing in the doorway of his house, diary in one hand, fire globe in the other. There were some people in the driveway – his Mum, Dad and two policemen. One policeman was taking notes; the other was comforting his Mum. His Dad was talking to the policeman that was taking notes … “He's about this high, with brown hair, and—”

  “Mum … Dad …” cried Danny.

  “Danny,” they both said at the same time as they turned to face him. “Where have you been? We were worried sick!” “I was at the library.” he said with a grin.

  “Danny that was yesterday,” said his Mum.

  “I'm just glad your back,” said his Dad.

  “How did you get home safely?" Danny looked down at the fire globe in his hand... “Just magic I guess.”

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