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McG calls The Godfather: Part III "trash" (film article)

Posted on July 28, 2009 at 6:40 AM

In a recent MTV interview, Terminator Salvation director McG (sigh), was asked what he thought about the third film in the franchise. He replied, “Listen, I respect [director Jonathan] Mostow and everything - it’s hard to make three good movies. Look at Godfather 3. It’s trash.”

Now, The Godfather: Part III had its flaws, sure, and it was always going to be dwarved by the first two installments (widely regarded as the pinacle of American cinema). But it was still an engaging drama with some excellent performances from Pacino and Garcia, not to mention a reverence for Puzo's work, something that McG will never grasp. Beyond that though, he should at least show a level of respect to Francis Ford Coppola, a man with a rich and provoking body of work. When McG does something a little less shallow than two Charlie's Angels flicks and a Terminator parody he can criticise another director's film, but until then he should focus a little more on his own lens.

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