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Re-watching Munich (film article)

Posted on February 7, 2010 at 12:20 AM

After 4 years, I watched Munich again recently, and my God, what a film! If not Spielberg's greatest creation, then this is certainly his boldest. The acting was absolutely top-notch, and the tension was at times unbearable, but above all it had the guts to discuss the Israel-Palestine conflict and its relation to the modern-day War on Terror. Spielberg gets a lot of flak for his kid-friendly blockbusters, but Munich is proof that he is a master storyteller, unafraid to delve into dark, complex issues.


The film depicts the events following the 1972 Munich killings, in which Israel initiates Operation Wrath of God against the Palestinian fundamentalists who planned it. But the film merely uses this premise to explore ideas of paranoia, escalation, the nature of revenge, and the effect murder has on a man’s soul. Actors Eric Bana and Geoffrey Rush continue to do Australia proud, but keep an eye out for Michael Lonsdale as the fatherly criminal patriarch. It's such a shame it was overshadowed by the Evangelical-backlash to Brokeback Mountain or the preachy, pretentious and utterly dull Crash, because Munich was my favourite film of 2005. Some day I hope people will look back and realize what a powerful piece of cinema it was.

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