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Magnolia Misinterpretation (film article)

Posted on September 10, 2009 at 10:55 AM

After hearing so many great thinks about the film, Magnolia, I recently picked up a copy from my university library. And wow, did I completely misintepret the plot of this film. Early on, I figured that the events on screen [SPOILERS] were taking place in two seperate time frames - the 1960's and present day. I thought William H. Macy's character was the adult version of Stanley Spector, the "What do kids Know?" contestant. And I thought Jimmy Gator was the younger version of Earl Patridge, while his cancer was only in early stages. It wasn't until I went to Wikipedia (to find out what the hell I had just witnessed!) that I realized they were all seperate characters living in the same timeline. The main problem, I guess, was not taking notice of character names. But their were a lot to keep track of, and you never know who are just background.

Obviously, in the last hour of the film, that train of thought began to contradict itself with past and present characters bumping in to each other, and I even started to expect some kind of Donnie Darko space-time rip. I'm probably the only viewer who wasn't amazed by the raining frogs; heck, I was like "bring on the plague of locusts" by that point [/SPOILERS]. God, I feel so stupid, and yet, I still thought the film was brilliant. I even get to watch it again, and understand the storyline this time. Has this happened to anyone else, in regards to Magnolia or any film really, when you completely misinterpret the construct of the plot?

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