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Report on Humanity (short story)

Posted on May 28, 2009 at 12:40 AM



• Subject/Species: Universal Advanced Species [06/10]

• Intelligence [class A] (Human race)

• Home World: Galaxy_The Milky Way; Solar System_1,700(-the sun-); Planet_3(-earth-)

• Life Span: 14 nano-cycles (2.05 million years)—{Extinct}

• Examination: File [000024523] on Humanity – Science & Technology; Human Warfare; Theories on Extinction




The human race was an advanced species that lived some 4.3 nano-cycles ago on the lone planet Earth (co-ordinates #7779901 - 990001/A) of the Milky Way. Though they ventured very little into the ideas concerning space-travel and rocket technology they were able to advance leaps and bounds into the fields of science, mathematics and arts; more specifically nuclear and universal physics; human psychology; hypothesis; and cultural interpretation. These discoveries alone have helped push the technology of the universe to great heights. Perhaps one of the most intriguing aspects of humanity is the subject of the human mind. It has never fully been comprehended the complexity and thirst for knowledge the human mind can convey. It has always interested life-forms, humanity's ability to define emotion and color, a gift many races have gone without. Human psychology has astounded [and often confused] the universal council, suffering much debate from its chairmen. But by far the most respectable quality found among mankind (despite their many faults) was how quickly they advanced in such a short life-span, and without any other contact with alien-life. They are the only intelligent life in the known universe never to befriend [or even know of] another life-form outside their own planet. They were the youngest and most isolated species in the universe. The only known contact human beings have ever had with aliens was in 1948 E.T. (Earth Time) when a Mevorii battle-cruiser (intelligence: class D) flew off-course and landed on Earth (exact location – Roswell, New Mexico – a country in the northern territories of the planet). It's a pity humans didn't take a great deal of interest in space-travel; if they had lived long enough to make contact with intelligent life they could have conquered the universe.



Science & Technology

Science, above all other human arts has proved the most intriguing [and successful] in the eyes of the universal council. Scientific study on Earth can be divided into four major groups: (1) Mathematics and logic; (2) the physical sciences; (3) The life sciences; and (4) The social sciences. Most races have used science to delve deep into the unknown of space – the cosmos; quasars; as have human beings in fair contribution. But what is interesting about humans is their devotion to the study of their own minds. The complexities and wonders of human psychology are endless, and have lead to many other breakthroughs in psychological intelligence around the universe. In the past humans have advanced greatly in the fields of science and [to a lesser extent] technology, but the main areas of discovery humans have contributed to this field of study are…


o [sci.] Theory of Evolution – The theory that all living things developed from a few simple forms of life through a series of physical changes.

o [sci.] Theory of Relativity – A theory dealing with the physical laws govern time, space, mass, motion, and gravitation, expressed in certain equations by Albert Einstein (a human physicist). This theory has astounded the universal council and has been hailed as one of the most important scientific discoveries’s ever made.

o [sci.] Intellectual Study – Psychology, the science of the mind, tries to explain why the mind acts, thinks, and feels the way it does.

o [tech.] The Hubble Telescope – The Hubble Space Telescope was the most powerful reflecting telescope of its time. It was built as an observatory orbiting through space high above the earth, and though rather primitive by today's standards it was a great technological leap for many races observing Earth.

o [sci.] Nuclear Energy – Nuclear energy, also called atomic energy, is the second most powerful kind of energy known. It produces the tremendous heat and light of the sun and can blast back almost all known explosive forces (save plasmatic).

o [sci.] Plasma Energy – Most powerful kind of energy known, it can even produce enough power to destroy a small planet. This weapon has been used in galactic wars across the universe and was even used to defeat the evil, war-torn nation of the Requi^umm (intelligence: class A).

o [sci.] Artificial Intelligence – A.I., above all other human creations, has suffered the most controversy. It is no doubt a scientific masterpiece to have created another form of intelligence, but some believe it was the machines that destroyed mankind. Dangerous or not the idea of artificial intelligence was the greatest and most unique creation in human history.


Human Warfare

Perhaps one of the most ruthless habits that humanity was capable of was their eternal lust for violence and combat. As beautiful and enlightening as they were there is no denying that mankind is the only advanced species in the charted universe to ever declare war and attack one of their own nations. To slaughter your own kin is the highest breach of treason in any civilization, yet in the past the human race has openly agreed to fight its own people to the death in order to get what they want. There has been much debate among galaxies concerning the terrible disputes of mankind. The most of course over the infamous “World War” battles (I, II & III), in which almost every nation on earth clashed in a mighty conflict of earth. Although much discrimination has been placed on humanity, many semi-galactic races (ranked second below advanced races [intelligence: class B]) have founded the conclusion that humans had no choice – every race in the known universe has an inevitable source of corruption, but war has only ever been fought cross-galaxy, never across the surface of one planet of the same species. Thus, humans [being classified as an advanced species] should behave no differently … unless they had no-one else to fight. As mentioned above the human race was the most isolated species in the universe, it had no contact with any beings outside of Earth, and therefore had no choice but to use their violent nature against each other. There was of course no excuse for the battles man fought, but at least now it can be told that their anger could be traced back to how disconnected they were. Below is a list of some of the greatest wars that took place among the final ages of planet Earth:


o The Vietnam War (1957 - 1975 E.T.): The Vietnam War was a major conflict in Southeast Asia (a land mass that is situated in the northern territory of Earth – it was one of the seven continents of human habitation). The war began as a civil war to decide the government of Vietnam. It developed into a major international conflict, involving the United States (a very powerful human nation) in the longest war in which Americans [U.S.] have taken part.

o World War I (1914 - 1918 E.T.): The assassination of Francis Ferdinand (an Austrian-Hungarian [human countries] archduke) sparked the outbreak of World War I, and a system of military alliances plunged the main European (another continent) powers into the fight. Each side expected quick victory, but the war lasted 0.7 deca-cycles (4 years) and took the lives of nearly 10 million human soldiers.

o World War II (1939 - 1945 E.T.): WWII brought about the downfall of Western Europe as the centre of world power and led to the rise of the Soviet Union as a “super-power” to rival the United States. Though this conflict did not help the violent reputation of the human race the war brought exciting new technologies to the attention of the universal council. The development of the atomic bomb during the war proved the idea of nuclear energy, and opened up vast and incredible possibilities for many races outside The Milky Way.

o World War III (2009 - 2020 E.T.): WWIII was the result of three nuclear missiles completely wiping out the empire of Japan (a country in Asia). The Asian government, terrified by this attack, quickly arming every nuclear weapon in their possession, and setting up military forces all along the Asian border, isolated itself from the rest of the world. The war began when France (a country in Europe) declared war on Asia [after admitting that it had sent the bombs] and sending down a plasma pulse (a revolutionary new combat weapon developed by French scientists in 2005 E.T. without the rest of the world knowing), which destroyed China (another Asian country). Asia, absolutely horrified, blasted France with everything they had. But Asia's fire-power was blown back by another set of plasma pulses. The United States, quickly getting involved, sided with Asia – an un-easy alliance was formed between the two nations and at once [with joint armies] their soldiers swept the continent of Europe, quickly besieging France. It took 2.05 deca-cycles (11 years) for this war to end, the longest, and most destructive World War in human history. France lost but took out almost half of Asia with plasma pulse. The world leaders, who managed to keep the fighting within European borders, agreed that this new-found weapon was too advanced to be used at this time. A treaty was signed by all of the international leaders not to use plasma technology until it was fully understood. Though humans did not use plasma pulse for almost 2 hundred human years (19.1 lunar-cycles), other races throughout the universe were able to advance leaps and bounds because of this scientific discovery.

o “Clash of the Titans” (2105 - 2116 E.T.): The war of the 22nd century was a vicious conflict between two allies on different sides of the world – the United States (a powerful nation in northern America) and Australia (a wealthy [and previously peaceful] continent in the southern territories of earth). The trouble began in 2098 E.T. when Australian scientists made a brake-through in the Studies of Artificial Intelligence (SoAI). They managed to produce a line of robots (called CT1's) with a small memory bank and simple human learning capabilities. Once tested and placed on the world market Australia's stock markets began to rise at an incredible rate; while other countries around the world were driven into poverty. Almost every nation on earth suffered some great loss or depression, only the U.S. still stood strong. Tension began to build between America and Australia. While the rest of the world began to crumble, the two allies became more and more powerful. Until at last in 2105 a faulty CT1 attacked and killed an American citizen. The U.S. declared war on Australia and “The Clash of the Titans” began. The war lasted almost 11 human years (2.05 deca-cycles) and took the lives of 13 million human soldiers. In the end America and Australia signed a treaty declaring they were both equally powerful, CT1 was taken off the market and the idea of A.I. was left alone for a time. But no-one could defy humanity's un-dying curiosity to create life, an idea no other race has dared to comprehend.

o The Machine War (2195 - 2228 E.T.) [still under heavy debate??]: The Machine War, or Armageddon as human philosophers have proclaimed it, is a theoretical event which explains the extinction of the human race (see below). In the human year 2142 E.T. the idea of Artificial Intelligence was re-associated with human science. Humanity had advanced much since CT1 and was now able to develop computers with enhanced thinking, learning and problem-solving methods. Mankind devoted all most all of their technological and scientific recourses into this A.I. project for 4.2 lunar-cycles (40 years) until at last, in 2190 E.T., the world celebrated the birth of BuRo62349# – a mechanically re-created version of the human mind. The human race had created life. BuRo62349# was immediately downloaded into a cybernetic body and an entire assembly line of cyborgs was created. It is not certain whether it was these cyborgs who wiped-out the human race, but they certainly did declare war upon them in 2195 E.T. – it is ironic that machines, the very things that were built to serve and protect humans could have been the only thing that was capable of destroying them (see Theories on Extinction for detailed account on “The Machine War”;).


Theories on Extinction

There are two different debatable theories on the extinction of the human race – “The Artillion Theory” and “The Theory of Treason”. They are as follows:


“The Artillion Theory” is probably the most agreed upon and respected human termination hypothesis in the advanced universal court. It speculates the possibility of the Artillion asteroid (an asteroid revolving around the galaxy The Milky Way. It is one fifth the size of Earth) being thrown of course sometime during the 1300's E.T. and channeling itself along the same orbitation as earth … only in the opposite direction. The asteroid was not detected until it had entered the Earth's solar system some 0.3 terra-cycles (900 years) later, by which time it was too late [and too fast] to be stopped by elite soldiers. The asteroid made impact on Earth in 2247 E.T. The planet was completely nucleated, 78% of the surface was destroyed instantly, and the rest was swamped in dense chemical and blackened by thick atomic rain-clouds. It took 0.9 nano-cycles for the nucleation to sink into the Earths crust, it has now been uninhabited by life for 4.3 nano-cycles and will remain that way for another 15 nano-cycles, at which time it will be possible for bacteria molecules to form and gene-cells to grow. But this new life will probably never develop into an erect being because of Earth's ugly radiation readings.


“The Theory of Treason” illustrates the belief that it was in fact the assembly line BuRo62349# (cybernetic organisms built by humans) that brought down the fall of the human race. It is believed by some that mankind had already been extinct since the 2230's (E.T.), some fifteen years before Artillion hit Earth. There is of course trails of evidence to back up this theory, photos; timelines; old journals; ect. But no solid grounds on the matter have yet been found. Still, until it can be proved otherwise, the idea of man's creation turning against him will live on in silent metaphor. Here is a timeline of the theories conclusion based on the evidence found by scientists so far:


o 2190 – Humans give birth to BuRo62349# (an artificial version of the human mind).

o 2190 to

o 2193 – Humans and cyborgs live in harmony (though with much arrogance on man's behalf).

o 2194 – Built in man's likeness the cyborgs begin to take interest in the unchallenged domination of the human race.

o 2195 – Hoping to join the human race as their equals [rather than their slaves] the cyborgs form a union. The humans (thinking that their request is no more than a joke) decline this offer. The cyborgs are outraged by this decision and unexpectedly declare a war on mankind. Humans are confounded by this declaration, but are assured at once by officials that this resolution is only a phase of threat the machines will experience when exposed to human influence.

o 2196 – The cyborgs migrate to an uninhabited island south of the Arctic Ocean, cutting themselves off from the rest of the world. They christen this home-world “Fortron”.

o 2197 to

o 2202 – The human race, having been assured that the cyborgs (now called Fortron's) are still adjusting to society, allow them to live in the north for a while. Sending treaty's of peace against the supposed war to call them back. The machines have in fact taken the war seriously and have migrated to Fortron to organize a fully-fledged assault on humanity.

o 2203 – The assault takes place on March 26th, 2203 (1st quarter of year). The machines, having stumbled across some early designs concerning the Plasma Pulse, fire thirteen blows of the weapon – three at the U.S.; two at Australia; six at Europe; and two at Africa. The human race is devastated. The war of the machines had actually begun.

o 2203 to

o 2220 – Having been brutally attacked by an unchallenged enemy the remaining members of the human race (about 3.5 billion) unite together against the forces of Fortron (naming themselves the Human Elite), together they declare all-out open war against the nation Fortron. Alas, in the five years machines spent preparing for the war they had built and manufactured an incredible army of robotic cyborgs. The war officially began on August 2nd, 2203 (third quarter of the year) when troops of the Human Elite landed on the western bay of Fortron for their first military operation. And it raged on for eighteen long years.

o 2221 – Fortronic forces overthrow the Human Elite, dividing it into six separate human army’s.

o 2222 to

o 2224 – The armed forces of Asia, Britain and America are defeated.

o 2225 – Fortronic forces bring down the African American army in the east, while the last two remaining human army's, Australia and Iraq band together to fight the machines.

o 2228 – The last major army of the human race is brought down by

o Fortronic forces.

o 2229 to

o 2235 – The remnants of mankind are hunted down and terminated.

o 2236 to

o 2246 – Machines are left alone to begin the formation of a civil society.

o 2247 – The Artillion asteroid lands – wiping out organic and cybernetic-kind and leaving the Earth as a desolate wasteland.



• Researched and Edited by Har-uk Noord - {of the}

• Universal Advanced Species [08/10]

• Intelligence [class A] (Ko^et-adrilllion race)

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