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Resident Evil Remake (VG review)

Posted on March 9, 2009 at 10:40 AM

In my opinion the GameCube version of Resident Evil is one of the best survival horror games ever created, if not the best remake of the genres grandfather. This is a game so terrifying, and yet so visually beautiful it simply deserves to be remembered. The game uses pre-rendered, photo-realistic backgrounds, and contains cutscenes that rival today's HD graphics. It also features a brilliantly atmospheric score, and rather than following the character around, we view the action through these well-framed, fixed camera angles, created a sense of theatricality, tension and mystery about what unnatural horrors are hiding behind the next door or around the next corner.


Often you'll hear the breaking of wood and the groans of your enemies, without knowing what's going on. And the sparseness and limitations of items and save-points, as well as awkward shooting controls really add to your sense of desperation. Many horror games these days are more like fast-paced actioners with hordes of monsters that drop copious amounts of ammunition, but in Resident Evil, the horror is in the long, lonely walks through narrow blood-stained hallways, punctuated by moments of sheer soul-curdling dread. Every bullet and every save must be used sparingly, as you are forced to co-exist with these demonic beings within a single environment, rather than wage a fruitless war of attrition against them. This is true survival horror...

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