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Thoughts on Halo (VG article)

Posted on February 15, 2010 at 5:50 AM

I have kind of mixed feelings about Microsoft’s Halo series. I was very impressed with the original Xbox titles, but I’m not sure how revolutionary they were to the first-person shooting genre (as argued by Molyneux), in regards to regenerative health. I felt it removed a sense strategy or survival, allowing players to just run and gun, and then duck behind a crate for a few seconds to heal.


On the flip side though, its foray into online competition was absolutely invaluable to contemporary gaming. The original Xbox Live network will end April 15, this year, with one final Halo 2 free-for-all. Later instalments of the series, however, have been less impressive, but one can forgive. Halo is now Microsoft's cash cow, and I kind of don't mind them wheeling it out every now and then. God knows Nintendo milks Mario and the Wii series for all they’re worth, but we get awesome games like Galaxy, Twilight and Corruption to balance it out. Halo is also the 360's only original property. Without it and they’re extensive online community, they're just a poor-man's PS3.

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