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PC v MAC: A War of Marketing (tech article)

Posted on January 7, 2010 at 5:45 AM

What's so good about Macs? Seriously I've never understood the attraction. People seem fonder of the Apple brand, rather than the device itself. And don't get me wrong, I think iPod's are one of the top 10 inventions of the decade, but I've always found iMacs extremely frustrating to use.


Small, and yet collectively significant gripes include...

  • The exit/minimise buttons being on the wrong side of the screen (not to mention how tiny they are)
  • The inability to maximise a window automatically
  • The keys on the keyboard being too far apart
  • There being no start menu (making specific programs and files less accessible, especially to a guest)
  • Windows and menus being animated, while looking nice, are arbitrary and wastes time/RAM
  • And the fact that there's no eject button on the outside of the machine, so that if (or rather when) the computer does freeze, it's impossible to retrieve your CD/DVD.


However, the more fundamental design flaws are:

  • There's infinitely less software and games available, and those that are, are more expensive than their Microsoft counterparts. Not to mention the need to seek out the Mac version (if one has been written) of a downloadable file.
  • All of the machine’s hardware is contained within one unit, which means even if the webcam is faulty, you need to send the entire console in for repairs.
  • PCs may slow down and even cancel programs, but Macs freeze… CONSTANTLY. iMacs may not be as bad as their notorious 90s counterpart, but they will still freeze without justification or error report; just that bloody, coloured spinner, taunting you to restart the machine.
  • The mouse is just stupid! Seriously, who designed this piece of junk? There’s no right button, so you need to work in tandem with the keyboard in order to check file properties. It’s so sensitive that it keeps clicking erratically or calling up the time/note screen. The scroll ball is so minuscule that it’s rendered unusable. And the entire device has no grip and is too small.
  • No Minesweeper… EPIC FAIL


My brother bought an iMac brand new, last year, for about $1,500 and the hard drive died just last week. Luckily he brought the 2-year warranty, but who knows what he’ll do if it breaks again next year. He also lost all of his data, programs and iTunes downloads. To contrast, I bought a 4 year old laptop from my uncle around the same time, and it still works perfectly to this day. Obviously a lot of this is subjective criticism, but I was wondering if anyone else still prefers Microsoft’s product to Apples, in spite of current trends?

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