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Aussie Versions of Games (VG article)

Posted on October 16, 2009 at 6:35 AM

I wandered down to my local JB Hi-Fi this morning, to pick up a copy of the newly released Metroid Prime Trilogy, only to find--instead of a stylish steel casing, with shiny, translucent slip--our version of the highly anticipated collection was adorned with a cheap, white plastic container; with nothing more than a piece of cardboard to distinguish it from the hordes of shovelware and carnival games it was buried under. Some might say, "who cares, it's only a tin"; who cares that we have been levelled with such a grave insult; that we aren't considered valuable enough as consumers to be given a Collector's Edition? Well, I say enough is enough! We are forced to wait months at a time before games arrive on our shores, and then asked to shell out $100 to play them, while the rest of the world has their fill on mere pocket change.


I say this is the last straw, and that we should march on Nintendo of Australia at dawn tomorrow, burn there head-quarters to the ground, and stick their presidents head on a [email protected]#king pike for all the world to see. Then let’s see them try and censor another zombie game! Unfortunately, current Australian law forbids ritualistic genocide... so I'll probably just buy it, and shut up. :/

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