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Tips of Fixing your Wii (VG article)

Posted on October 8, 2009 at 5:30 AM

Here's a few tips on what to do if your Wii is acting up, before you ship it off to Nintendo for repeairs. If the machine is having trouble reading the disc, just wait until you get your next error message: eject the disc, turn off the wii, turn it back on, reinsert the disc and start playing it. I've recieved this error message a few times in the past, but simply follow the above instructions the internal laser will re-aline itself properly.


Also, if your Wii is making a loud humming noise, or turns itself off after a certain length of play-time, it's probably overheating. The reason for this is either, that it's in a poorly ventialated position, or there's a built up of dust inside it. Try unhooked the machine and using a vacuum or [preferably] a dustbuster, to suck the dust out of the fan grates, at the rear and base of the Wii. If neither of these suggestions help, ring the Nintendo hotline.


The reason I'm mentioning this is that when I contacted Nintendo (at $2 a minute), they didn't have any suggestions for me, and because my 1-year warranty had expired, I was told I'd need to pay to deliver the machine to one of their reparers, pay for repairs, and even if they couldn't fix it, pay $30 for their time. That was 18 months ago, and the above tips have ensured my Wii continues to work as well as the day I bought it. Secondly, sending it in for repairs can mean that they have to erase your save data and Wii shop downloads. So make sure you back those up, if you still need to send it in. If you have any more tips on maintaining or fixing your video game console, please leave a comment below or in the Forums.

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